First Day of (mostly) Lack

So last week was my early week at work, leaving the office at 2:30 and having the rest of the night. This week I pick up my girls at 4:30 and it's dinner and getting them ready for bed until 7:30. Tonight add a podcast for a few hours on top of that and it's pretty much a bust.

I don't like this feeling.

I thought about the game today, even without producing anything for it. I'm trying to decide what theme to name the various space stations the various competing academies are based in. Greek gods are overdone. Do I go with gaelic mythology and theme it with a protagonist named Fagan Shaw? Station Fomori, Firbolg, and Tuatha?

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Ann said...

Thinking is good. Really. Thinking counts. Just make some notes on what you think.

When I went to work doing IT stuff for the biology department at a university, I received an e-mail from my then-new boss. "I'd like you to spend some time thinking about how we can help the department use technology in teaching." WTH? He wanted me to spend time THINKING? It was a revelation to me. Thoughts precede actions. Smart thoughts precede smart actions.

So think away, Jer.

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