Dipping My Toe in the Writing Pool

I switched gears a little today and decided to start on the plot. After doing so I realized getting more story done might be a really good idea as it will give me a better handle on exactly what scenes and characters I'll need in the end.

I've already waffled on the first couple scenes (kid is yanked from class and taken to his parents, where they're told he's been recruited for mech academy) because they feel too familiar, but at least they propelled me through fleshing out the first group of scenes up until you meet the first date-able character.

That's given me 9 backgrounds, 4 CG's (full screen event pictures), and at least 9 characters that need sprites, though not necessarily each with a full range of expressions. That's for maybe ten to fifteen minutes of gameplay.

I've got my work cut out for me.
(special thanks to Marc for letting me bounce some ideas off him and come up with the start of a nice metaplot)

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