Finding A Style That Works With Mine

I almost threw up my hands tonight and said "fine, I'll miss my red X on the calendar for the day." That seemed entirely too defeatist and, well, typical me.

So I regrouped.

My normal art style, while being illustrational, is still fairly realistic in body and face proportions. I have the hardest time nudging myself towards cartoony. I envy people who can do more with less lines.

I was trying that style last night when I just couldn't seem to put anything I liked down on paper. For some reason it freaks my flow when I have a night like that and I was hesitant to pick up the stylus again tonight. Luckily I was searching for some examples of manga eyes and found a youtube video. There was a comment under it that basically said, "He did ok but he's no Mark Crilley." so of course I had to look the guy up.

This guy has an awesome set of how to draw videos he sticks up on youtube, mostly in the manga style but he had one on "realistic" manga. It's still stylized but it follows more natural proportions. If you've seen Death Note, that's where he took inspiration.

So I decided to give it a shot and it felt SO much more natural than what I was trying to force last night, while still looking like a nod to the japanese style. I think I've found my look.

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