Dendra Sketch 2

You know it's a bad night when the only good sketch you produce is the one eyeballed off photosource. Ugh, what a terrible batch.

Dendra Sketch 1

This is Dendra, Resskin's adopted daughter from a fallen war comrade. Her personality is an impulsive optimist, always seeing the best in people and throwing herself into whatever she decides to do.

Nothing fancy today, just some photo sketch-overs to start getting a feel for shapes of features.

Resskin Sketch 5

Fifth time's the charm, right? I think I may have finally nailed it.

Resskin Sketch 4

This time I tried making him 8 1/2 heads high rather than 7. He comes out looking less cartoony and more super-heroic in proportion. It feels more "my" style but I'm not sure how it suits the character. Thoughts?

Resskin Sketch 3

Something still seems off about his proportions, though not quite as bad as the drawing from yesterday. Still liking his face.

Resskin Sketch 2

I definitely got his build down and I'm getting closer to his face. I took aspects of the various faces I drew yesterday to try to get something fatherly yet grizzled war vet.

Resskin Sketch 1

The owner of the illustrious Surly Unicorn, Resskin or Ruz for short. Now if I can just decide which direction to go. He's an ex-adventurer/goblin war veteran and see him as a grizzled old father-figure that's probably grumpier than he should be to his customers.

Sketch 2

This is based vaguely off Rachel McAdams, though she may look a little too generic-comic-girl. Part of me wants to go with a looser style, the other part says the hell with it, just embrace it. Still trying to decide on a name for her as well.

There are three primary characters to the strip. This girl, a blonde outwardly friendly, inwardly exasperated sort of straight-woman for the strip; a dark haired elf girl who's the eternal optimist who is slightly impulsive; the owner of the bar and adoptive father of the elf girl who I haven't been able to nail any personality traits down for.

I will be working on this nightly so expect much progress.

Done Faffing About

I've been scarce. Initially it was because of a new baby, then it was because a friend expressed interest in helping with Battlesquad High which caused us to rethink things from the ground up.

In the meantime I discovered Questionable Content and marveled at his artistic improvement over the length of the comic. "Hey!" I say to myself, "I want to get better too! Maybe I should start a comic."

Maybe I should. And thus, The Surly Unicorn was born. Rough sketch of one of the main characters, Sanctuary.