Sespie Sketch 2

I think I skewed a little young in the sketches from yesterday. I re-checked my notes and she's supposed to be 11 to 14 years old. These look a little closer, and a little better, I think.

Sespie Sketch 1

This is Sespie, a young girl that's taken in by Ruz and Solace at the Surly Unicorn. Her design needs a lot of work, these are painfully rough.

Solace Sketch 1

Marc decided on a name change for the protagonist, to Solace, that seems more name-y than what I was using, Sanctuary.

Tonight I sat down and rather than try to use a celebrity as reference, or set up a front view model-style sheet I just decided I was going to enjoy drawing for once. I think it shows in the sketch.

Sailing The Ether Seas

I actually finished it! Either just on time or a day early, too. I think I'm going to play around with a coloring style I've been mulling around in my head, though it'll probably be a while before I get around to it.

I enlisted the help of my friend Marc to write The Surly Unicorn and I'm interested in tackling the comic in earnest because of his added talent. Back to work on the girls!

Inked Dragonparrot and Ship

Moving along fairly well but I'm going to have to hit it hard tomorrow to get it done in time. I need to figure out how to work faster if I'm ever going to do a regular comic.

Inked Pirate Girl

I got a late start tonight and only had time to ink the pirate girl. I think she turned out fairly well, though.

CONduit 20 Coloring Book "Pencils"

Airquotes around pencils because it's not really pencil, but fits in the process the same way pencil sketches do in animation or comic books. Something to lay your inks down on top of. Which is the next step and good thing too, it's due this Friday.

I'm probably going to nudge the upper sail higher as it's making the composition feel too claustrophobic, especially for an outer-space awe-inspiring wonder piece. I'll also probably change the direction of the comet as it feels to same-y with the planet's rings.